Pet Cats Elevated Bowls Transparent Feeding and Watering Non-Skid


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  • Its BPA free and Non-Toxic: so don’t worry if cat licks the bowl all the way to the bottom!
  • Stand included: You may not know it but with your cat eating at an elevated position is something good for them. It helps with digestion as it opens up their airflow.
  • Tilted: The bowls rest on a slope so that kitty’s food falls towards them. Their whiskers won’t touch and they’ll have easier access to their meals.
  • Non-slip: Got a messy eater? You don’t want the stand moving around on your hungry cat. This is non-slip and tip-proof, so everything stays just where it should.
  • Adorable: Cats are cute all on their own, this just takes things to the next level. Get your camera ready and say “meow.”


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