Pet Grooming Gloves Dog Brush & Cat Brush for Pets (Pair)


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  •  SOME GROOMING GLOVES FOR DOGS & CATS DON’T GRAB YOUR PET’S FUR at all, making them totally useless for grooming. Our Clean House Pets dog & cat brush for shedding and grooming gloves have HIGH QUALITY, SOFT RUBBER TIPS DESIGNED TO REACH DEEP and GENTLY PULL SHEDDING HAIR OFF your pets WITH EASE. The best part? Pet FUR WINDS UP ON YOUR PET GLOVE, for MINIMAL MESS! It’s dog & cat grooming made easy.
  • WE DESIGNED OUR PET BRUSH GLOVE WITH YOUR PET’S COMFORT as our top priority. SAFE FOR DOGS, CATS, & OTHER BELOVED PETS, our dog brush glove rubber tips act like a LUXURIOUS PET MASSAGE. Pets won’t know they’re being groomed—they’ll think they’re being pampered, and they are! Our shedding gloves for dogs, cats & other pets PROMOTES HEALTHY, SHINY COATS, & is GREAT FOR BONDING WITH YOUR PETS & making them feel loved.
  • NOT ONLY IS OUR PET HAIR BRUSH GLOVE GREAT FOR PETS OF ALL SHAPES & SIZES, its ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL DESIGN “fits like a glove” with an ADJUSTABLE WRIST STRAP that ENSURES A SECURE FIT. LIGHTWEIGHT & BREATHABLE, our dog & cat gloves WON’T HURT your wrist OR HOLD IN HEAT like other pet brushes for shedding, so grooming your pets is not only enjoyable for them, it’s comfortable for you! It’s also a great alternative for pets who are weary of typical cat & dog brushes for grooming.
  • WHILE SOME CAT BRUSHES ARE HARD TO WASH, the soft bristles of our grooming gloves for cats & dogs are DESIGNED FOR EASY CLEANING. In fact, they’re MACHINE WASHABLE. Washing not only rinses the pet hair free, it keeps your de-shedding glove for cats & dogs SMELLING FRESH TOO! Our dog & cat grooming glove also comes in a VARIETY OF COLORS, making it almost as cute as your pets.

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